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Speick Men Active Shower Gel

Speick Men Active Shower Gel£6.50

Speick Natural Liquid Soap

Speick Natural Liquid Soap£6.50

Speick Natural Soap

Speick Natural Soap£3.00

Melos Bio Organic Honey Soap

Melos Bio Organic Honey Soap£2.30

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Christmas Angel Soap

Christmas Angel Soap£2.00

Christmas Tree Soap

Christmas Tree Soap£2.00

Star Soap

Star Soap£2.00

Bionatur Bergamot Hair and Body Soap

Bionatur Bergamot Hair and Body Soap£4.50

Speick Natural Cosmetics

SPEICK harness the valuable speick plant extract to produce natural skin care cosmetics that nourish and care for the health, vitality and natural beauty of every person. Speick is a small alpine plant which has unique properties – it relaxes without tiring and revitalises the body, mind and soul. In keeping with their holistic philosophy, SPEICK make use of the entire plant. The Speick plant’s prized extract is carefully drawn from the plant’s small yet strong roots and used in all SPEICK products.