Integrally sustainable to protect our natural resources

Sustainability is a top priority for Speick Naturkosmetik. This is particularly evident in our COSMOS Natural-certified Speick Organic 3.0 products: The palm oil-free, vegan formulas based on 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients are deliberately formulated in a minimalist way. This makes Speick Organic 3.0 soap, shower gel and body lotion particularly environmentally friendly and does not harm soil or water. The minimalist, environmentally friendly concept is also reflected in the packaging: the soap is wrapped in a simple paper band. Shower gel and body lotion are filled in bottles made of 100% recyclable BIO PE, a plastic made of renewable raw materials (sugar cane). Compared to “normal” PE, BIO PE causes less CO2 emissions during its production. This is what integral sustainability looks like!

Organic 3.0:

Palm oil free – Ready biodegradability – Minimalistic formula – Recycable structure & packaging made from renewable raw materials

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Speick Organic 3.0 Body Lotion

Speick Organic 3.0 Body Lotion£12.00

Speick Organic 3.0 Shower Gel

Speick Organic 3.0 Shower Gel£7.00

Speick Organic 3.0 Soap

Speick Organic 3.0 Soap£5.00

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